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No More Faith (LP)

by Jose Travieso



First release in April 2010.

To my eyes, a dark album mixing neo-classicism, post-minimalism and avant-garde through the exploration of different chamber ensembles: solo instrument, harp + flute, string quartet, chamber orchestra + soloist, etc. Part of «The Seven Shinigami's Dreams» series crosses this exploration with a touch of modernism and expressionism... A cross between modern and ancient.

When I began to work in music for this album, I wanted to record a complete range of music for different classical and experimental acoustic instruments, but from the very beginning I decided not to use the piano at all, my most representative instrument from the past. I suppose I always wanted to see everything from a new perspective. Also, I began to work in different directions and I wanted to do a review of the various historical genres of Western music (medieval, baroque, classical, romanticism and XX century). As a result of all this, «No More Faith» ended up being a very varied LP.

This album includes all the content of the «Tunguska» EP, but in a new and remastered mix (tracks #3, #4 and #5). This string quartet in three movements is inspired by the mysterious «Tunguska event», happened in Siberia on June 30, 1908.

Tracks #2, #6, #9 and #11 are taken from the cycle of seven pieces «The Seven Shinigami’s Dreams» (2010). Some more music from this series has been released later.

The title of the track #7 –«Yersinia XIV»– is taken from the union of “Yersinia pestis” and “XIV century”, referring to «the Black Death», one of the deadliest pandemics in human history and which devastated Europe during the 14th century.

Track #8 is an extended version for chamber ensemble of the piece «After All These Years…» (released as opening track for Cautiva’s album «Human», 2009).

Finally, part of my unfinished «Romantic Poem No. 5» (2003) was recycled in the piece numbered as track #10.

Sleeve design and artwork by José Travieso. Photos courtesy by Sam Mugraby (


released April 11, 2010



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Jose Travieso Spain

Starting at the piano in the late 90s, José Travieso has been a very eclectic musician playing diverse instruments and releasing music in very different styles: minimalism, romanticism, experimental music, technical thrash metal, classical music... In 2015 he began a new period dedicated to electronic music. ... more

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